With Comment About Arresting Abortion Doctors, Candidate Says He Let His Imagination Get Out of Control
GOFFSTOWN, N.H.—After reflecting on the unacceptable public comments he made yesterday, Frank Szabo, a candidate for Hillsborough County Sheriff, retracts the idea that he would use deadly force to stop an abortion doctor and apologizes to the people of New Hampshire for so carelessly losing track of what he was saying.
“I want to be clear to the people of New Hampshire that I made several comments about the use of deadly force against abortion doctors that I regret, that I apologize for and that I fully retract,” Szabo said. “Clearly, I feel very strongly about life beginning at conception, and that will not change. But, in making comments yesterday, I let my passionate stance against abortion get the better of me.
“What I said was inexcusable, and as sheriff, I would not use lethal force against an abortion doctor,” Szabo said. “To explain my misstatement, however, I want to point out that for someone as adamantly pro-life as me, walking in on an abortion is the equivalent of walking in on someone who is in the process of stabbing someone else. When caught off guard by questions about using lethal force, I answered based on that understanding. While I maintain that abortion is unlawful because it strips the right to life from a helpless unborn child, I recognize it is legal, and for that reason deadly force against an abortion doctor is not justifiable. 
“As someone who has such a passionate respect for life, I also respect the life of abortion doctors, even if I don’t respect what they do,” Szabo continued. “As sheriff, when the moral waters are murky, I would always air on the side of prudence. This isn’t the 19th century, and I am a man of peace. I honestly can’t imagine a situation where I would want to use deadly force. In fact, I would use every possible peaceful and lawful tool at my disposal to execute the job of Hillsborough County Sheriff, and the people of the county should have confidence in that.”
In a press release several weeks ago about abortion, Szabo said he would use the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office to arrest abortion doctors for murdering innocent life. While Szabo stands by his statement that a sheriff could do that, he admits that it was a bad example of a larger point he was trying to convey, which is that the county sheriff’s job is to enforce the law of the land, which is spelled out in the state and federal constitutions. While abortion is legal, it is not lawful because it violates a pre-born child’s natural right to life.
However, in the system of checks and balances that America’s founders set up, a sheriff would not have the final word on this matter. Conceivably, a county prosecutor could choose to side with the sheriff and press charges following an arrest. The sheriff could also call a citizens’ grand jury to press charges. Even then, the case would be heard in a court of law, and a judge or even a jury would not likely convict the abortion doctor. The abortion doctor might then file a counter suit against the sheriff on any number of complaints.
“With government’s increasing encroachment on citizens’ natural rights, particularly their right to own and control their own property, the abortion doctor example was really a poor choice to prove a point about the sheriff’s potential role as a constitutional officer,” Szabo said. 
“In retrospect, I should have focused on issues like those highlighted in my press release earlier this week,” Szabo added. “In one example, an Oregon man was arrested for harvesting rain water on his own land. In another, the owners of family farms in Michigan were ordered by government agents to kill their heritage pigs as an ‘invasive species.’ It’s legal abuses such as these that a county sheriff can and should stop using his inherent constitutional authority. It’s legal abuses such as these that I would stop as Hillsborough County Sheriff.
“I truly hope the voters of Hillsborough County will give me another chance to prove my qualifications for office so I can help restore natural law, which is protected by the state and federal constitutions,” Szabo said.
About Frank Szabo
Frank Szabo, who lives in Goffstown with his wife Madeline and family, is running for Hillsborough County Sheriff to protect citizens’ rights and property as a constitutional peace officer within the county. The longtime businessman has owned and operated a successful limousine service and obtained a high-level of expertise in financial management and health care administration. Besides his practical life experiences and real-world common sense, Frank will bring to the sheriff’s office his knowledge of court room legal proceedings, how to read and interpret laws, and his well-earned executive-level skills, including analysis and problem solving, financial management and business administration, personnel recruitment and training, and public speaking. Paid for by Citizens With Szabo. Frank Szabo, Fiscal Agent. For more information, visit www.SzaboForSheriff.com.