NHDP - Rolececk, New Hampshire Republicans Should Cancel Carr Event

Carr Has Blamed Rape Victims for Their Attacks



CONCORD - Chuck Rolecek and New Hampshire Republicans should cancel
their event tonight with Howie Carr, who has blamed rape victims for their attacks, said Raymond Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

"New Hampshire Republicans sought political cover by condemning the offensive words of Rep. Todd Akin, even though they agree with his policy positions," Buckley said. "Well now it is time for them to put their money where their mouths are. "

"Howie Carr has blamed women for their rapes. How can Chuck Rolececk and New Hampshire Republicans stand with Howie Carr and support his offensive brand of politics?" Buckley asked. "Rolecek and New Hampshire Republicans should cancel this event immediately."

Controversial and offensive shock-jock Howie Carr will campaign and raise money for Chuck Rolecek tonight in Manchester.

On his radio show in November 2011, Carr blamed two alleged rape victims, including one 18-year old, for their sexual assault saying "what did she think was going to happen?" [SoundCloud, 11/3/11].

"It is incredibly disappointing that in the wake of Rep. Akin's deplorable and offensive comments toward rape victims, that the GOP in New Hampshire would welcome and celebrate a man who said of an 18-year old alleged rape victim 'what did she think was going to happen?'" Buckley said.

Howie Carr regularly promotes insensitive and offensive racial and ethnic stereotypes in his writing and on his radio show. He has engaged in personal attacks, using sweeping, unsubstantiated generalizations to cast aspersions on Native Americans, Hispanics and Catholics among other groups.