RNC Releases "Never Happened"

On the anniversary of bipartisan welfare reform, the RNC is out with a video today that highlights President Obama’s opposition to that achievement.  


See also the Romney campaign’s backgrounder on this.



 RNC Releases "Never Happened"  


WASHINGTON - On the 16th anniversary of Welfare Reform, the Republican National Committee is out with a new web video "Never Happened" shedding light on what America would be like if Barack Obama had his way with welfare--fewer paychecks and more welfare checks.

Web video can be viewed here.

Web video can be downloaded here.

"If President Obama had his way, there wouldn't be a work requirement in welfare," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "President Obama would prefer people to stay dependent on government assistance, instead of providing them with the help they need to get back to work. It's clear President Obama's approach to getting America working again is failing miserably as record numbers of people are on welfare. It's time we change direction and elect the Romney-Ryan ticket that will restore the work requirement to welfare and get America back to work."