AFPNH - Taxpayers May Get Stuck with $13,000 Bill from Obama Campaign!

Taxpayers in several Southern NH towns will pay a total of $13,000 for costs incurred during the recent Obama campaign visit to Windham.

Analysis of the costs to provide additional security during the campaign visit reveals the “bill” to each town is as follows:

Derry - $2,233.21

Hudson - $397.02

Pelham - $794.03

Salem - $1,588.06

Windham - $5,409.58

This does not include the costs incurred by the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department or the NHSP.

Now the Board of Selectmen in these towns must find ways to funnel your hard-earned taxpayer money around in the budget to pay for this purely political visit! Think of how much you pay annually in property taxes and then contact your selectmen to let them know you are not ok with those funds being used for any political stop!

The town of Windham will be the first to tackle this issue at their meeting this Monday, August 27.

I encourage you to call the Windham Board of Selectmen using the contact information below and tell them you don’t think taxpayer dollars should be used for political visits!

Bruce Breton, Chairman

Ross McLeod, Vice Chairman - 603-303-4504

Kathleen DiFruscia - 603-458-5141

Phil Lochiatto - 603-595-6559

Roger Hohenberger - 603-432-9415

This is an issue that affects taxpayers across NH! Even if you are not a resident of Windham, I encourage you to contact the Board of Selectmen and let them know that you don’t think taxpayer resources should pay for President Obama’s campaign stop!

As you may recall, the town of Durham played host to a similar stop for the President’s re-election campaign in late June and has yet to be reimbursed for the $12,998.28 in expenses they incurred to provide additional security for the visit. 

A lot of time remains until the November elections. During that time, there will likely be additional stops by campaigns in the swing state of NH. The next town to be billed by the Obama campaign could be yours! Contact the Windham Board of Selectmen today and put a stop to this!



Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire

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