Hassan Condemns Szabo’s Violent Rhetoric, Disregard for the Law

Criticizes Lamontagne, Smith for Sharing Goal of Making Abortion a Crime in All Cases

MANCHESTER – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan today strongly condemned the violent rhetoric and disregard for the law expressed by Frank Szabo, a Republican candidate for Hillsborough County Sheriff.

Szabo has said he will arrest doctors and patients who perform abortions, and would not rule out using deadly force to stop an abortion. He also said that he would arrest county sheriffs who refused to prosecute doctors and women. Today he said that he went too far and backed off his threat of using deadly force, but said he would still arrest doctors.

“It’s outrageous to hear a candidate for a law enforcement office express utter disregard for the law. All citizens of New Hampshire should condemn Frank Szabo’s violent threats and call on him to end his candidacy,” said Hassan.

Szabo violent rhetoric is behind the pale, as his proposal to arrest doctors and women for legal procedures, Hassan said. Unfortunately his policy goals of criminalizing abortion is shared by a large portion of the Republican leadership, including GOP gubernatorial candidates Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith. Szabo has been endorsed by former Republican Party Chairman Jack Kimball and the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Lamontagne and Smith – in keeping with the national Republican platform – oppose all abortions and have support proposals that would make abortion a crime, even for victims of rape and incest. The current Republican-led legislature has proposed numerous bills to limit abortion rights, and even proposed repealing a 12-year-old law that required insurance companies to treat birth control the same as any other prescription medication.

“If Ovide Lamontagne or Kevin Smith win the Governor's race, they will continue their efforts to to dismantle the freedom of New Hampshire women to make their own reproductive health choices," said Hassan.  "I believe all women, including victims of rape or incest, should have the right and freedom to make their own health care decisions and that is a right I will always stand up to defend."