CEI Today: Global warming & flooding, Romney on ethanol, and the problem with low birthrates


Globalwarming.org: Heat Waves, Droughts, Floods — We Didn’t Listen!

I presented evidence that climate change was not the principal factor behind the 2003 European heat wave, the 2010 Russian heat wave, the 2011 Texas drought, or the ongong Midwest drought.

What about floods? Google “global warming” and “floods,” and you’ll get 7.2 million results. Given all that ‘evidence,’ you may surprised that a new scientific study finds no correlation between rising global mean carbon dioxide concentrations (GMCO2) and flooding in the U.S.

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> Interview Marlo Lewis



Mitt Romney’s Ethanol Problem


While I’ll be the first to admit I would prefer Mitt Romney’s energy policies to those of President Obama, especially his appreciation for increased energy production on public lands and the OCS, I found his newly released energy policy white paper slightly humorous in parts.

On the top of page 19:

• Focus government investment on research across the full spectrum of energy-related technologies, not on picking winners in the market;

• Support increased market penetration and competition among energy sources by maintaining the RFS and eliminating regulatory barriers to a diversification of the electrical grid, fuel system, or vehicle fleet;

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>Interview Brian McGraw



If Demography Is Destiny, We’re Screwed (So To Speak)

As governments across the developed world face shrinking, aging populations, already onerous entitlement promises become bonafide budget killers, leaving politicians without the stomach to reform or repeal entitlements (read: most politicians) with one choice — raise taxes. Indeed, it’s already happening: Japan, which unhappily is well ahead of the curve in the downward death-spiral race, this summer approved a plan to double its national sales tax in a desperate attempt to shore up its finances. Unfortunately, it won’t be enough. > Read the full commentary on Openmarket.org

>Interview Matt Patterson


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CEI Podcast for August 23, 2012: Bailouts as Corruption

Senior Fellow Matt Patterson argues that when government is big and powerful enough to dispense favors like bailouts, special interests will flock to Washington to get a piece of the pie. Corruption is the inevitable result, as the GM/Delphi/UAW bailout showed. The only effective way to limit corruption, Patterson argues, is to limit government.


Going to Tampa next week?  Catch the Grand Old Picture Show on Wednesday afternoon!


Join us for an afternoon screening of films that support free enterprise and property rights! Admission is free and includes a complimentary reception before the screening.  Visit www.grandoldpictureshow.com for more information. For tickets, email info@grandoldpictureshow.com.  Invite friends on Facebook.

Featured films:

We the People: A series of movie trailers commissioned by the State Policy Network to promote their new curriculum for patriots and activists for liberty.

The Empire State Divide: A powerful look at rural communities in upstate New York fighting for survival.

Saving the Oasis: A series of short documentaries commissioned by Syngenta to explore how modern agriculture preserves our water and our environment by building sustainable models for food production.

I Pencil (Rough Cut
): A sneak peak at the Competitive Enterprise Institute's film adaptation of Leonard Read's timeless essay.

Following the screenings will be a discussion with the following panelists:

Josh Gilder, a former Reagan speechwriter

Karen Moreau, president of the Foundation for Land & Liberty

Nicholas Tucker, director and producer for Passing Lane Films

Nicole Ciandella, screenwriter of I Pencil

Drew Tidwell, production coordinator for I Am Legend, Eagle Eye, and United 93


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