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What is the Role of the People in the Republic?
Heritage president Ed Feulner's newest essay teaches us that the United States is exceptional because of its universal founding principles. At the heart of these principles is the belief that people are free by nature and possess inherent rights, including the right to govern ourselves. To govern effectively, we must ensure our society's continued freedom and virtue, and pass the inheritance of freedom and limited government on to each new generation. The true role of the people is to ensure that both they and their government stay faithful to America's founding principles. Dr. Feulner's essay is the 15th and final booklet in the Understanding America series. Read the rest of the essays by visiting the webpage and downloading the illustrated PDF copies.
Road to Recovery? You be the Judge.
National Review Online published an article highlighting new research that shows that the Administration's "recovery" has caused adjusted median household incomes to fall more than during the recession.

Working Behind Enemy Lines on College Campuses
College students are returning to campus for the fall semester, and all too often facing a liberal bias on their campus. So, to combat that the InsiderOnline.org blog has compiled resources for young people to use to fight back.

Solyndra Scandal: The Government Shouldn't Pick Winners & Losers
Heritage investigative journalist Lachlan Markay has summarized the House Energy and Commerce Committee's bombshell report on the bankrupt solar firm Solyndra. The article compiles and analyzes the 10 most revealing emails gathered during the investigation. To read more investigative pieces visit the Scribe's site.


Toolkit Items
Pinterest: A Growing Social Networking Trend
Pinterest is a growing social media website that offers more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. If you want infographics and images to be seen the online bulletin boards on this site are the place to "pin" them.  Other users will see your images and in turn "like" and "re-pin" the images elsewhere. InsiderOnline.org has useful tips on how to use this tool. Make sure to visit the Heritage Foundation's Pinterest page to view and re-pin the images you like. Our Impact of Taxmageddon is one example of a pinnable graphic!


New Heritage Smartphone Application
Heritage has launched a new Mobile App for iPhone, iPad and Droids that puts conservative policy right at your fingertips. The free app features customizable content, videos and infographics, quotes of the day, and our popular Morning Bell e-newsletter. Share one or more links quickly and easily with the "Supershare" feature. See a video of how it works on The Foundry.
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