Sen. Ray White Endorses Sanborn, Decries Hawkins' Attacks

BEDFORD, NH - State Senator Ray White of Bedford today wrote a letter to his supporters endorsing Andy Sanborn in the District 9 primary and expressing his disappointment with the Ken Hawkins campaign's recent use of egregious personal attacks.  In the letter, Sen. White explains that the despicable tactics used by the Hawkins campaign have caused him to reconsider his previous intention to stay out of the primary race to fill his seat.

"I'm honored to have the endorsement of Senator White, with whom I have worked together so closely in the Senate for the past two years," said Sanborn.  "His decision to endorse my campaign in light of this recent mudslinging by my opponent is as appropriate as his previous decision to remain neutral.  I hope with this development my opponent will realize he cannot win using divisive and disgraceful smears, and we can return to a race focused on the issues that matter to the citizens of the 9th District, like cutting spending and creating jobs in the Granite State."
The text of the letter Sen. White sent out is copied below:
Dear Friend,
Up to this point, I did not want to weigh-in publicly about the 2012 State Senate primary race in this newly configured district 9 (or new district 11 next door, for that matter), as I have always been skeptical of retiring senators who try to “hand off” the seat they are privileged to be entrusted with.  However, the recent actions of one of the candidates has become so egregious, I can no longer publicly sit on the sidelines.  I am supporting my senate colleague Andy Sanborn in this primary. Andy is a man of integrity, character and conviction and I am asking you to support him as well. 
Andy’s opponent recently launched a misguided and illegal push poll, and quickly followed with a vicious, twisted and inaccurate mailing. This smear campaign is beyond the pale, and causes one to ask what kind of representation Andy’s primary opponent would provide for our totally redrawn district if he is going to conduct himself that way to be elected. Politics is supposed to be about ideas and solutions, not personal character assassination attempts.  It is everything all of you told me time and again that you find disgusting about today’s political process, and certainly part of the reason I, and my family, did not seek re-election.  
How would his opponent feel if Andy went negative on him? Instead of Andy using his time to do that, he has attempted to reach every voter in District 9 on a one-on-one, face-to-face basis, knocking on 100 doors a day for months, as well as conducting positive mail campaigns discussing his ideas and campaign themes. 
I know Andy Sanborn.  Having worked side by side with him during the past two years, he has shown himself to be honest, solutions driven and he has the values we as bedrock conservatives expect.   I also know he is the only candidate who can win in November against a well-funded democrat opponent.   Andy has taken the high road, kept focused on how we fix things and offered real world solutions to making NH great. I applaud Senator Sanborn's bold, outside-the-box ideas. 
As a business owner myself, I know how important it is to have business owners representing us in Concord. Check out Andy's solid conservative voting record. It is exemplary, and often bucked the trend of the establishment in Concord. 
Without reservation, I ask you to vote for Senator Andy Sanborn in September and November. Contact me if you would like to help Andy out in these last couple of weeks.
Sen. Ray White