Hillsborough County Sheriff Candidate Continues Campaign to Protect Citizens

GOFFSTOWN, N.H. – Despite calls for Szabo to step down by a few leaders in the New Hampshire Republican Party, he is forging ahead, stronger than ever. “I did not start this campaign for political gain or to join the status quo. I am running for Sheriff because there is a desperate need. With the escalation of the erosion of our rights, Citizens need a public official, with authority, who can stand up for them and protect their rights – from any unlawful action,” Szabo said.
“I heard that some GOP leaders were calling for me to drop out. Only one had the courtesy to contact me directly,” Szabo said. “This is not about party allegiance. This is about basic American principles.”
“When your child can not sell lemonade in front of your house without a license, or you need a permit to exercise your right to free speech, or a mortgage company is trying to foreclose on your house without clear title, the County Sheriff has the authority to intervene,” Szabo said. The documentation and court cases which Szabo references in his presentations clearly show that the County Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the county and is duty-bound and fully authorized to ensure that all governmental actions in the county are lawful and Constitutional.
Neither of Szabo’s opponents subscribe to this vital aspect of the Office of County Sheriff.
The events of last week have only re-energized and increased his support base. “When I’m wrong, I admit it. I took full responsibility for how I was portrayed,” Szabo said. Szabo considers himself to be a Statesman rather than a politician. That forthright character has attracted people hungry for a man of action willing to put himself on the line for others.
About Frank Szabo
Frank Szabo, who lives in Goffstown with his wife Madeline and family, is running for Hillsborough County Sheriff to protect citizens’ rights and property as a constitutional peace officer within the county. The longtime businessman has owned and operated a successful limousine service and obtained a high-level of expertise in financial management and health care administration. Besides his practical life experiences and real-world common sense, Frank will bring to the sheriff ’s office his knowledge of court room legal proceedings, how to r ead and interpret laws, and his well-earned executive-level skills, including analysis and problem solving, financial management and business administration, personnel recruitment and training, and public speaking. Paid for by Citizens With Szabo. Frank Szabo, Fiscal Agent. For more information, visit