American Seniors Association - Obama vs. Seniors

Dear Fellow American,

Barack Obama is at war with America's seniors and we need to fight back!

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American Seniors is the fastest growing seniors advocacy group in the nation. We fight big-government liberals, refute the lies of left-wing groups like AARP and provide incredible benefits and services to our members.

Just consider what President Obama has done to you in just a few short years:

  • He rammed ObamaCare through Congress in order to ration your care.
  • He slashed Medicare by $700 billion dollars to fund his health care takeover.
  • He raided the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for his wild spending sprees.
  • He even froze your Social Security CoLA because he says prices of food, gas and medicine weren't going up.

And now this man has the gall to say he's the best candidate to represent America's senior citizens!

That's why American Seniors Association is fighting Barack Obama every single day.

But we need you in order to win.

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Fourteen million of your fellow American seniors can't be wrong.

For an Obama-free America,

Phil Kent