Concord, NH - The Bass for Congress campaign today released a television ad called “That’s Not Working” which introduces the real Annie Kuster to New Hampshire’s 2nd district voters, noting her long, extremely partisan record of pushing big government solutions, wasteful spending and higher taxes.   The ad excerpts Kuster’s recent television ad in which she claims, “We’ve got to learn to work together.”


“The more New Hampshire voters learn about Annie Kuster’s hyper-partisan agenda, the more they see her working for national Democrat party leaders and liberal activist groups, instead of New Hampshire,” said campaign spokesperson, Scott Tranchemontagne. “The only groups in which Kuster ‘works together’ are the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and left-wing extremist organizations like and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee who are funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into supporting her campaign.”


The Bass ad can be viewed here, and will begin airing Wednesday.


“Annie Kuster has a long record of pushing the left wing’s agenda, instead of supporting bipartisan solutions.  If Kuster were serious about ‘working together,’ she would stop blindly following the national Democrat party leaders in supporting more failed stimulus spending, higher taxes on families and small businesses, and a plan that first raids Medicare of more than $700 billion and then allows it to go bankrupt,” said Tranchemontagne.


The ad notes that Annie Kuster supports the following:


The federal government's takeover of healthcare

          - August 20, 2010, WMUR Questions with the Candidate


The healthcare takeover’s $700 billion raid of Medicare funds

          - CBO, July 24, 2012


More failed stimulus spending

          - NH Journal – September 8, 2011


Higher taxes on families and small business (ending Bush era tax cuts)

          - Concord Monitor, July 30, 2012


An income tax for New Hampshire

AP, May 22, 1999


On May 22, 1999, the Associated Press reported, ―A new political action committee that favors a state income tax raised $35,000 at its first fundraiser.

-          The Courage and Leadership PAC hopes to spend at least $100,000 in the next election helping candidates of either party who support an income tax.

-          Founders of the PAC include Stonyfield Yogurt President Gary Hirshberg and former Republicans Susan and Malcolm McLane. Members of the PAC believe an income tax is the fairest way to pay for education.

-          In 1999, Ann McLane Kuster served on the board of The Courage and Leadership PAC.