Senators Forsythe and White Endorse District 23 Challenger Dennis Acton

New Hampshire state senators Jim Forsythe (R-Strafford) and Ray White (R-Bedford) are endorsing Dennis Acton in his District 23 Republican primary challenge.  Action will face incumbent Senator Russell Prescott (R-Kingston) in the September 11 primary.

“There is a very clear distinction between the candidates in this race, and we believe Dennis Acton is uniquely well-qualified to represent the district,” Forsythe explained. 

Forsythe and White pledge they will endorse the winner of the primary, who will then move on to face Democrat Carol Croteau in November.

“We believe a competitive primary contest is healthy for the process, and Dennis Acton should be recognized for running a positive campaign and helping to build a stronger Republican Party,” White said.

The two senators cited several reasons for the endorsement including Acton’s knowledge of health care issues.

“Health care will likely emerge as the single most important issue facing the Senate in the next biennium,” Forsythe observed. “Dennis survived cancer, so he certainly understands health care from the patient’s perspective and his experience working for a small business health care provider has provided him with a knowledge base that will be valuable to the Senate.”

The senators were also impressed by Acton’s volunteer activism over the years in support of Republican candidates and conservative causes as well as his founding of a non-profit to assist in the humanitarian response to the disastrous earthquakes that struck Haiti in 2010.

“Dennis Acton has proven he is an effective problem solver who works well with others and is focused on achieving results, “White added. “I believe he would be an excellent senator to represent this district.”