Political Headlines - August 29, 2012

Here are the top POLITICAL headlines from today: 

  • Ann Romney's speech did much to help her husband: By the time Mitt Romney took the stage for the first time, his profile had begun to come into greater focus - and he had his wife of 43 years to thank for it. Editor of the Editorial Page Peter Canellos reports.


  • In his first run, Paul Ryan made lasting mark: An examination of that first race in Wisconsin - 14 years before he would accept the GOP nomination for vice president - foreshadows the type of candidate Ryan would become. Globe political reporter Matt Viser explains.



  • Rebooting the public image: Persuading Americans that it's OK to have changed their minds about the president is Romney's foremost mission this week. Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby writes.


  • Mitt Romney is no washout: Likability isn't really the Republican presidential candidate's problem; empathy is, and he is surprisingly well equipped to overcome this. Globe columnist Brian McGrory details.