Free Keene News - Feature-Length Documentary to Premiere in Keene

"Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree" to Premiere in Keene on 9/15

Shot, edited, and now premiering on the big-screen - all in Keene. 

The feature-length motion picture documentary, "Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree" is premiering in real life on the big screen at the Keene Cinemas on 9/15 at 9:45am.  The supermajority of the movie's 88 minute runtime was shot in Keene, New Hampshire.  Produced on a shoestring budget, and composed mostly of activist footage, "Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree", chronicles liberty activist Derrick J Freeman's exciting first year of activism in Keene.

The movie was released worldwide via the internet on July 31st and can be watched for free, in HD via YouTube or Torrent at .  The YouTube version of the film has racked up over 17,000 views as of this writing.  In addition, online news sources including Yahoo picked up news of the release, garnering extra exposure:

The film is entertaining, well edited, and packed full of amazing and outrageous footage of government bureaucrats behaving badly.  September 15th at 9:45am is when fans and curious locals will have the chance to see the film for the first time, in real life, on the big screen at Keene Cinemas on Key Road.  Tickets are complimentary and are first-come-first-serve.  The film's star, Derrick J will be in attendance and host a Q&A session after the premiere.  Details are on the facebook event:

Here's a summary of the movie:

Derrick J, a liberty activist from Philadelphia makes the move to the epicenter of libertarian civil disobedience: Keene, NH. There, he jumps into the world of activism and immediately involves himself in producing media in both video and audio form. He schedules a dance party in the park and is arrested and pepper sprayed by Keene police. Later, he is arrested in the same park as he packs a bowl of cannabis in a public act of peaceful civil disobedience. Banned from the courthouse along with several other liberty activists, he is arrested there for "trespassing" there even though he didn't actually violate the no trespass order issued by the sheriffs. Finally, an officer attacks Derrick, running him off the road in an insane attempt to serve him with papers that he'd been peacefully served an hour earlier by another officer. Derrick is sentenced to 540 days in jail, with all but 90 suspended on condition of good behavior, and he subjects himself to a one-year exile from the Shire.