Ovide for Governor Announces House Legislative Leadership Team

More than a third of the House Republican Caucus backs Ovide for Governor

Manchester, NH – With two weeks remaining in the Republican Primary, the Ovide for Governor Campaign today announced the campaign's House Legislative Leadership Team, a group of 116 Republican members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives supporting Ovide for Governor.

“I am honored to have the support and counsel of this broad group of Representatives,” said Lamontagne.  “Their efforts in the legislature have returned our budget to balance and helped to put our state back on track after years of Democratic mismanagement.  I look forward to working with them come January to continue making New Hampshire the exceptional state we all know it can be.”

The support of this extensive list of proven vote-getters from across the state will be key to the Lamontagne campaign's get-out-the-vote efforts during the final days of the Republican Primary.

“Ovide has the business experience that will be required of our next governor to revive our economy and move New Hampshire to the front of the pack both regionally and nationally as the best state for job creation,” said Deputy House Speaker Pamela Tucker (R-Greenland).  “His 26 years of leadership experience in business and charitable enterprises is a key qualification in an election that is all about jobs and the strength of our economy, and that life experience puts him head and shoulders above other candidates for governor, from either party.”

Today’s release includes seven House Committee Chairs and 13 Vice-Chairs and is comprised of House members from every county in New Hampshire.

"I have known Ovide for my entire political career," said House Majority Leader Pete Silva (R-Nashua).  "He is nothing but a true conservative and he has never wavered from those core principles.  That is the kind of principled leadership we need in the governor's office."

“Ovide knows New Hampshire and he understands our government and legislative process,” said House Judiciary Chairman Robert Rowe (R-Amherst).  “From his deep private, public and charitable sector experience, he understands the balance we must strike between meeting the needs of our citizens and establishing a responsible budget that will encourage business growth in New Hampshire.  If we are to have a state that provides good jobs and economic security for our children and grandchildren our highest priority must be improving our economic climate.  Ovide understands this and has the experience to do something about it.”

Note: Attached in PDF format is the full House Legislative Leadership Team.