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Election season breeds people blowing hard but spreading little other than hot air (insert your own joke here about my column). Let me shorten some of it for you but then suggest a few constructive things... Click here to keep reading.

House Candidate Eyes Tax on Soda

Grant Bosse and Paul Westcott discuss a proposal from a House candidate to tax soda in the Granite State.  Click here listen.
A Soda Tax?

House Candidate Seeks 2% Tax

The lead sponsor of New Hampshire’s proposed soda tax wants back into the New Hampshire House. Democrat Catherine Mulholland lost her seat two years ago, and wants to bring back her proposal to put a 2% tax on bottled soda.

U-3 or U-6?

Federal Unemployment Rates Explained

The first Friday of every month, the Department of Labor releases its monthly jobs report. The figure usually reported in the media as the ‘unemployment rate’ is actually just one of six different classifications of unemployment that the Department uses... Click here to keep reading.