Ovide for Governor Women’s Coalition Announcement

Concord, NH - Surrounded by supporters from across the state, Ovide Lamontagne, Republican candidate for Governor, today announced his 600-plus member “Women for Ovide” coalition at a press conference in Concord.

Ellen Christo, a Seacoast business owner, opened the press conference deriding the gender politics employed by Sen. Hassan and other Democratic candidates, “I stand here today representing women who are fed up with the idea that Democrats think we will vote for them simply because we are women.  As a businesswoman, a mother, and a community leader, I am here to tell you otherwise.  I support candidates that I believe will help create an atmosphere so that my children can pursue the American Dream.  In the race for Governor in 2012, Ovide Lamontagne is that person.”

Rep. Molly Sanborn of Hooksett spoke of her concern for the daughter she and her husband are expecting to join their family this fall, “We want our child to be afforded the same opportunities we had growing up and for her and her peers to experience a strong and prosperous New Hampshire.  New Hampshire needs a leader who understands what we need to do to attract and keep young families in New Hampshire and to promote an environment where job creating small businesses can thrive.”

Taking the podium, Ovide thanked the coalition, saying, “As wives and mothers, employers and employees, the women here today and those represented by our women’s coalition understand the challenges facing New Hampshire and our economy, and they recognize the need for commonsense, experienced, conservative leadership in Concord to bring us together to move New Hampshire into a new era of prosperity.  I am honored and humbled to have their public support and I am grateful to them for standing strong with me as we endeavor to bring new leadership to the governor’s office.

CLICK HERE or visit www.Ovide2012.com/videos to view the full press announcement.