CEI Today: India censors social media, crisis in American confidence, and a Grand Old Picture Show in Tampa


India censors social media after riots.  Government calls on social networking sites to remove what it calls objectionable content.

The Indian government has called on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook to remove what it calls objectionable content after sectarian violence broke out in the state of Assam.

Last week the authorities blamed groups in Pakistan for circulating hate videos showing attacks against Muslims, but among the sites banned are news agencies covering the violence.

Al Jazeera's Dominic Kane reports.

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The American: America’s Crisis of Political Legitimacy

Gallup and Rasmussen are telling us that the Founders were right to posit that a breakdown of the limits of government would cause a breakdown of consent. In response to the question of whether the current government has the consent of the governed, only 22 percent of likely voters say “yes.” The partisan divide is marked; Democrats split evenly, but only 8 percent of Republicans say yes. These are scary numbers, particularly when one considers that many of the “no consent” Democrats are probably on the left, denying the legitimacy of a government that does not do more for them. Also scary is that the political establishments of both parties seem oblivious. > Read the full post on American.com

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Higher Education Bubble Spawns Demographic Decline Among Educated Americans

CEI Podcast for August 23, 2012: Bailouts as Corruption

Senior Fellow Matt Patterson argues that when government is big and powerful enough to dispense favors like bailouts, special interests will flock to Washington to get a piece of the pie. Corruption is the inevitable result, as the GM/Delphi/UAW bailout showed. The only effective way to limit corruption, Patterson argues, is to limit government.


In Tampa today?  Catch the Grand Old Picture Show this afternoon!


Join us for an afternoon screening of films that support free enterprise and property rights! Admission is free and includes a complimentary reception before the screening.  Visit www.grandoldpictureshow.com for more information. For tickets, email info@grandoldpictureshow.com.  Invite friends on Facebook.

Featured films:

We the People: A series of movie trailers commissioned by the State Policy Network to promote their new curriculum for patriots and activists for liberty.

The Empire State Divide: A powerful look at rural communities in upstate New York fighting for survival.

Saving the Oasis: A series of short documentaries commissioned by Syngenta to explore how modern agriculture preserves our water and our environment by building sustainable models for food production.

I Pencil (Rough Cut
): A sneak peak at the Competitive Enterprise Institute's film adaptation of Leonard Read's timeless essay.

Following the screenings will be a discussion with the following panelists:

Josh Gilder, a former Reagan speechwriter

Karen Moreau, president of the Foundation for Land & Liberty

Nicholas Tucker, director and producer for Passing Lane Films

Nicole Ciandella, screenwriter of I Pencil

Drew Tidwell, production coordinator for I Am Legend, Eagle Eye, and United 93


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