Granite Staters Host GOP Convention Watching Parties in Derry and Stratham Victory Offices

Bedford, NH – Thursday, Granite Staters will gather at local GOP Victory Offices to watch the final evening of the Republican National Convention where Governor Mitt Romney will officially accept the party’s nomination. Tomorrow’s convention theme is “Believe in America” which echoes the motto of the Romney/Ryan campaign, referencing a better future for all Americans under a Romney presidency. After New Hampshire business owners and volunteers showed support on Tuesday night in Windham, the festivities will continue in eight Victory Offices throughout the state on Thursday. The following events are open to the press:

Thursday, August 30, 2012:


Event:                        GOP Convention Watching Parties


Locations:                   Derry GOP Victory Office

                                    15 West Broadway, Suite 2

                                     Derry, NH 03038 


                                     Stratham Victory Office

                                     72 Portsmouth Avenue, Unit 101

                                     Stratham, NH 03885



Program Time:           7:30 PM EDT