NHDP - Ovide's Legislative "Leadership" Team: Good for Tea Party, Bad for Middle Class

Would Ovide Sign or Veto the Extreme Bills of His Leadership Team?


Ovide Lamonagne's recently announced "leadership" team includes legislators who have supported radical bills; leave middle class behind.


CONCORD - Ovide Lamontagne's Legislative "Leadership" team is a Who's Who of Republicans who support some of the most out-of-touch, radical legislation proposed by the GOP-led legislature this term. If these are the people who will be leading his campaign and administration, New Hampshire voters have a right to know just what they plan to do.


"Ovide Lamontagne has said that he would work with Bill O'Brien and the legislature if elected Governor," said Raymond Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "As he announces his leadership team, Ovide Lamontagne should be clear with the people of New Hampshire whether he will sign their radical bills to repeal kindergarten, overturn marriage equality and defund Planned Parenthood.


"Ovide Lamontagne has repeatedly said that he would either sign or veto every bill that comes before his desk. In that case, which of these radical bills, sent to him by his 'leadership' team, would he fight to pass and sign?" Buckley asked.


David Bates has lead the charge on the fight to repeal marriage equality, and Ovide Lamontagne has said he will fight aggressively to overturn the freedom to marry in New Hampshire, and sign a repeal if it comes to his desk.


Robert Willette sponsored the bill to defund Planned Parenthood, which was supported by Anne Cartwright, Susan Delemus and Regina Birdsell. Will Ovide sign or veto this "Leadership Team" bill?


Ovide's leadership team is squarely in the wayback machine on education.

For example, Robert Kingsbury said that attending kindergarten causes an increase in crime rates. And was one of a host of representatives who voted to eliminate the requirement for universal kindergarten. In fact, over 40% of Ovide's legislative leadership team supported a plan to repeal access to universal kindergarten.


As chairman of the state Board of Education, Lamontagne opposed universal kindergarten. Will Ovide sign or veto a "leadership team" bill to end the requirement for universal kindergarten?


Gail Barry, Sam Cataldo, Ken Hawkins, Joe Krasucki also voted to repeal kindergarten and voted to let kids drop out of school at 16. These "leaders" are now running for the New Hampshire Senate. Would Ovide Lamontagne sign or veto a "leadership team" bill to let kids drop out of school at 16?


In addition to the radical legislation proposed by Ovide's team, several of Ovide's new friends have said some troubling things, while Ovide has remained silent:


Kyle Tasker asked on Facebook if he was justified in 'blowing away' a police officer if he was faster on the draw (WMUR, 9/8/11). Lynne Blankenbeker joked about using a .50 caliber machine gun on members of labor unions [Patch, 7/22/11] and Jason Ulery said that Jews were somehow responsible for the Holocaust[Concord Monitor, 1/11/11].


"It is certainly troubling that Ovide Lamontagne's campaign and potential administration will be led by people whose record is full of action and words that only serve to turn their backs on the middle class and New Hampshire's economy in favor of ideological legislation that takes New Hampshire backward," said Buckley.