Sanborn For NH Senate - Complaint Filed with AG Regarding Hawkins' Push Poll

Bedford Voter Files Formal Complaint with Attorney General Regarding Hawkins Campaign’s Push Poll

BEDFORD, NH – Today the Andy Sanborn campaign was informed that a Bedford resident has filed a formal complaint with the Attorney General of New Hampshire regarding the push poll that the Ken Hawkins campaign conducted last Friday.  Disguised as a scientific “poll,” the calls made numerous personal accusations about Sen. Sanborn.  Such deceptive calls are only legal in New Hampshire when they adhere to the guidelines in RSA 664:16-a which require the caller to identify themselves and give a number to call back.

“Push polls are a dirty way to try and get a message out to voters,” said Sanborn.  “I’m glad that the Attorney General has been notified of Hawkins’ questionable campaign tactics, as he clearly is willing to go to any desperate length to get elected,” he continued.  “I call on Ken Hawkins to immediately stop these egregious tactics and attacks and stop trying to hide from talking about his ten year record of raising taxes and spending.”