Keene Sentinel Endorses Maggie Hassan for Governor

“One candidate stands out more as an outstanding leader who will bring a collaborative approach to government”

MANCHESTER, NH – The Keene Sentinel today endorsed Maggie Hassan in the Democratic Primary for Governor saying she “stands out more as an outstanding leader who will bring a more collaborative approach to government,” and “she presents Democrats with the most persuasive, yet inclusive voice in her party.”   

Read the full endorsement here: Keene Sentinel Endorsement of Maggie Hassan.         


Below is an excerpt: 

“But one candidate stands out more as an outstanding leader who will bring a collaborative approach to government. Such an approach will surely be needed in the coming years to drag our state out of its financial mess and ease the political in-fighting and pettiness that has so often these days made Concord look like little more than a schoolyard at recess.

That candidate is Maggie Hassan.

In her six years in the New Hampshire Senate, Hassan displayed an ability to lead her party, serving as Senate President Pro Tem and Senate Majority Leader, while also reaching across the aisle to work together with her colleagues on contentious issues, including the passage of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and gay marriage.

She’s willing to work together, yet makes it clear she’ll stand up for her convictions. “I will always work to establish relationships and find common ground to work with other folks,” she told The Sentinel’s editorial board earlier this month. “But if they don’t want to participate in that I will also be grateful for the fact I have a veto pen.”

Hassan’s level-headed approach to responsible budgeting begins with prioritizing the state’s funding needs. In stark contrast to the current legislative leadership, Hassan has said education and health care are among the top priorities. She’d work to reverse the devastating funding cuts to those vitally important areas, and would aim to pay for it in part by making other areas of state government more efficient and repealing the recent cut to the state’s tobacco tax. 

Hassan has also come out strongly in favor of containing the quickly growing cost of higher education with a plan to first freeze tuition at state colleges, while also working closely with administrators to find ways to make higher education more affordable for New Hampshire students. She recognizes that, over the long-term, offering affordable education to young people will benefit the state’s economy.”  [Keene Sentinel, 8/30/12]