NHDP - Frank's Hypocrisy on Taxes

MANCHESTER -- Frank Guinta voted for tax accountability during his last week in Congress, but if Washington starts firing tax offenders he could find himself out of a job.

Congressman Guinta helped to pass H.R. 828, the Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act. The legislation would ban federal employment for tax delinquents. Its supporters argue that when government workers won't pay the taxes that fund their salaries, they should provide a suitable explanation or face dismissal.

The law would apply to people like Congressman Guinta, who has a long history of tax delinquency.

The city of Manchester served Guinta three wastewater liens in August 2007. He paid one off in October 2007, waiting until 2008 to settle the remaining two. In 2008 he also paid $3,021.60 in property taxes owed since 2007. Then, in 2009, the city charged Guinta $441.86 for an unpaid sewer bill.

Congressman Guinta's tax problems occurred while he was serving as mayor of Manchester and spending the tax dollars of residents who paid their taxes on time. 

"Here is a public official whose track record says he can't manage his own budget, let alone the federal budget," said Collin Gately, spokesperson for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "This vote is just another chapter in his history of financial hypocrisy." 

Guinta's tax delinquency occurred after he went into personal debt to finance his mayoral campaign.


"This is so typical of Frank Guinta and is why we need to send Carol Shea-Porter back to Congress," said Gately. "The First Congressional District should be represented by someone voters can trust, by someone New Hampshire can have confidence in. Voters are tired of politicians like Guinta who say one thing and do another."