Tierney Calls on Shea to Pledge to Limit Spending and Not Support an Income or Sales Tax

Executive Council Candidate Tierney Calls on Former Councilor Shea to Pledge Not to Approve Spending that Necessitates an Income Tax or a Sales Tax

This September 11th, New Hampshire voters will decide whether their slate of candidates will include candidates who want to institute an income tax as well as a sales tax in New Hampshire.   In the Democratic gubernatorial primary, Jackie Cilley has openly called for increased broad based taxes and has ridiculed anyone who pledges to oppose new taxes as “zombies.” [1] Likewise, while one of the Democratic candidates for Executive Council, District 2, Colin Van Ostern, has a long history of support for both an income tax and a sales tax, [2] another one of the candidates, Shawn Mickelonis, has stated that he is opposed to increasing taxes. [3]  But what is the position of former Councilor John Shea?  The voters deserve to hear whether Mr. Shea joins Jackie Cilley and Colin Van Ostern in supporting imposing a new income tax and a new sales tax on the voters of New Hampshire.

It is important for voters to know where Executive Council candidates stand on increasing taxes.  If the Governor and Council approve more spending than the state is currently raising, proponents of an income tax such as Jackie Cilley and Colin Van Ostern will use this as an excuse to impose new taxes on New Hampshire’s voters.  Come November, District 2 voters will have a real choice for the Executive Council.  Michael Tierney pledges not to approve wasteful and excessive spending but keep state contracts in line with existing revenues.  As former governor Meldrim Thomson famously said “Low taxes are the result of low spending.”  We need an Executive Council who will act as a check on the state’s bureaucracy and say no to wasteful spending that would necessitate new taxes.   New Hampshire voters deserve to hear whether former councilor John Shea joins Michael Tierney in opposing an income or sales tax or whether he joins his fellow Democrats Jackie Cilley and Colin Van Ostern in their support for additional spending and additional taxes.