Frank's Footnotes Newsletter: My Vote Against a Tax Hike

Extending the Tax Cuts: Saying "No!" to a Tax Hike

The House this week said “No!” to a tax hike and “Yes!’ to extending tax cuts for everyone. I voted with the majority Wednesday evening to fully extend the current tax cuts for one year. They’re scheduled to expire on December 31. New Hampshire’s many small businesses would be hit especially hard by a tax hike; working families can’t afford to send more money to Washington, and the economy would have a tough time absorbing the blow a tax hike would cause (for example, the accounting firm Ernest & Young estimates 700,000 jobs would be lost as a result). Instead of raising taxes, we should be focused on cutting spending. Click here to read more about Wednesday’s House vote.

Financial Services Committee: New Opportunities for Serving New Hampshire

I received a new job assignment in Congress this week. On Wednesday, I became a member of the important House Financial Services Committee. As its name suggests, the Committee has jurisdiction over issues pertaining to the economy, the banking system, housing, insurance, and securities and exchange. It also has jurisdiction over monetary policy, international finance, international monetary organizations and efforts to combat terrorist financing. The Committee oversees the nation’s economy through its oversight of the Federal Reserve Board and individual reserve banks, the Treasury, the production and distribution of currency and the nation’s capital markets. Agencies under the Committee’s oversight include the Federal Reserve, Treasury, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the National Credit Union Administration, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Federal Housing Finance Agency and the Export-Import Bank. I am honored to serve on this important Committee, and will tell you more soon about the work I’m doing on it.

Visiting Raytheon: Meeting the People Who Help Keep America Strong

I toured the Raytheon Integrated Air Defense Center in Andover, Massachusetts on Tuesday. A lot of Granite Staters work there, ultilizing the 21st Century technology that keeps our Armed Forces the best in the world. After my visit, I spent time talking with workers and answering their questions. A lot of people wanted to know about Sequestration, the looming round of reductions that could have serious consequences for the defense sector. Many good, middle-class jobs could be lost if Sequestration moves forward in its current form. I am committed to supporting our men and women in uniform, and in making sure our nation’s ability to defend itself isn’t compromised because of Washington politics.

Hands-on Learning: New Hampshire Students Visit DC

High school students from all across New Hampshire participated in the annual National Young Leaders Conference (NYLC) held in Washington each summer. Through leadership conferences like the NYLC, they experience creating and running a mock government. This week I had the opportunity to meet with Kaylene Murzin and Isabelle Beagen, who participated in the week-long program. I was happy to see these young women taking part in a program like this to learn more about how the United States government works. I hope it encouraged their desire to remain engaged in their government, and I wish them the best of luck with their future endeavors.

Frankly Speaking: It's Time to Stop Kicking the Can

Remember playing the game “Kick the Can” as a kid? It’s more than a childhood memory; it’s alive and well in Congress. Putting off action on major decisions is just one example of Washington’s broken culture, and why I’m fighting hard to change it. Instead of tackling major problems right now, Congress is kicking the can once again, and is delaying dealing with them until the closing weeks of this year. That’s not the right approach. Find out what I’d like to see Congress do in this week’s “Frankly Speaking” column (click here to read it).