Shea-Porter For Congress - Congressman Guinta Bolts

New Hampshire Congressman Frank Guinta's brazen attempts to deceive voters continue. The Congressman's newest op-ed insists that Congress stay at work and finally get something done. It was published on the very day that he voted to go home on recess for more than a month, after working about 12 days total in May and June. Congressman Guinta wrote, “But because of the serious fiscal issues heading our way, Washington should not take a break because of an election. It should start tackling these problems right now. You don’t take time off in the face of a crisis.  You don’t take a breather when so many challenges are lurking right around the corner.”  Before the ink was dry, Congressman Guinta bolted out the door to recess. As Fox News said, “Democrats were able to document a vote where Republicans voted to leave, while there's a laundry list of unfinished business on the table. Fixing the tax cuts. Undoing mandatory defense cuts known as  ‘sequestration.’ Salvaging the Postal Service. Approving a farm bill. You name it.”

Naomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Candidate Carol Shea-Porter, released the following statement: “Congressman Frank Guinta is constantly getting caught saying one thing and doing another, but reaching out to voters and press with a tough ‘Congress shouldn't go home’ op-ed on the same day that he votes to go home is so brazen that it is insulting to the voters and to the media he sent his op-ed to in New Hampshire. Seventy-eight of his Republican colleagues, and all of the Democrats, voted to stay and work on America’s problems.  Carol Shea-Porter is running to return integrity and a real New Hampshire work ethic to the NH-01 seat.”


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Roll Call Vote 556.  78 Republicans voted no to adjournment.