YRNF - T Minus 95 Days: The Young Republic


With less than 100 days left before the election, it is time for each and every one of us to get into the campaign mindset. Each weekend, spend some time at your local campaign headquarters calling citizens and knocking on doors. 

In case anyone forgot just what is at stake with this election, Crossroads Generation has a new video explaining how fast the national debt increased under the Obama Administration. Send it to everyone you know, tweet it, and put it on facebook!

Crossroads Generation (XG) created the video, "Blank Check Please," in response to this Obama ad highlighted by CBS. XG is doing online buys in swing states with this ad.

The Young Republican National Federation made a stir in Charlotte, NC this month at Combat Charlotte. A special thank you to everyone who attended. Young Republicans heard from elected officials and political power players during the meeting then went door-to-door for Republicans running in tight races in North Carolina. We made hundreds of voter connections.

This month the epicly important RNC is taking place in Tampa, FL. Many of your fellow Young Republicans will be there and some are delegates. Be sure to connect!

See You in Tampa,

Lisa Stickan
Young Republican National Federation 

Motor Speedway Memories, YRNF Combat Charlotte
Western Region
Jessica Sena
Though one of the smaller national meetings I have been to, Charlotte was certainly filled with a lot of energy thanks to the North Carolina State Party, and several elected officials and candidates who came out to greet us at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Two days of door knocking, sign waving, and GOTV calls reached voters in the battleground state won by Obama n 2008. Four years and several Presidential faux pas later (to put it lightly) Republicans are confident they will come out on top in November.

The YRNF summer meeting in North Carolina served as a counter punch to the DNC Convention to be staged in Charlotte in September. Members convened at the Charlotte Westin on Saturday, July 14th to discuss deployments, new fundraising efforts, chapter dues and fines, as well as the upcoming fall meeting in Omaha. Vice Chairs gave regional updates, and Linda Ragsdale of the site selection committee announced "last call" for any states wanting to host a spring board meeting next year.

The NCYRs hosted two great nights out on the town. Victory Solutions owner, Shannon Burns, made it possible for an arrival in style by providing four Cadillac Escalades to chauffeur us around.

Thank you to everyone who made the effort! I can only hope that we triple the number of attendees in Omaha after a Republican sweep in November!!!


Northeast for the Win!

Northeast Region
Brian Griffiths

With less than 100 days to go until the election, YR's across the Northeast are poised and ready to fight to win back the White House and win control of Congress. We have a multitude of great Republican candidates, as well as a number of YR's who are taking the leap and running for office themselves. I'm confident that the YR's of this region will go all out between now and November 6th to provide new leadership to our states and country.

The second weekend in August has a lot of great events happening across the Northeast Region:
  • The Pennsylvania YRs will host their annual Leadership Conference at the Lowes Hotel in Philadelphia, August 10-12. The meeting will include several local and state-wide candidates and elected officials. There will also be some time for the YRs to have breakout sessions. Visit the Facebook event page or email the Philly YRs at PhillyFYR@gmail.com.
  • The New Hampshire Young Republicans will be holding their Annual Meeting on Saturday, August 11th, at 10 a.m. at St. Anslem's College in Manchester. The meeting will include a NHYR breakfast with special guest GOVERNOR TIM PAWLENTY! Visit the NHYR website for more information.
  • The New York State Young Republicans will host their 11th Annual Saratoga Day at the Races on Sunday, August 12th. The event includes brunch, track admission, and a private seating area. For more information or to reserve your spot, visit the NYSYR website.
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Yours in Service,

Brian Griffiths
Northeast Regional Vice-Chairman

The West Will Be Won
Western Region
Jessica Sena
During Combat Charlotte, the Western Caucus pulled from the table a resolution seeking to compel the RNC Platform Committee to adopt a plank in support of Young Adult Workers that was submitted in April by the California Young Republicans. Though the sponsors were not present, the intent of the resolution piqued interest and created much discussion among those in attendance.

Ultimately, the resolution did not pass. However, there is still a chance for it to be submitted to the RNC directly by the Califonia Young Republicans. The e-board was also advised by the body to immediately consider similar actions in the future to get the YR name out so our generation can have more of an impact on future platforms and policy.

One of the West's Regional Directors, Dana Goff Hicks, brought the youngest Republican; newly born Reagan (6 months old) who was the star of the show.