Political Headlines - August 6, 2012

Here are the top POLITICAL headlines from today:

  • Mitt Romney ad in Spanish attacks health care law: The Republican's vow to end "Obamacare'' is a bold and risky message he continues to deliver to Latino voters, who overwhelmingly back the federal health care law. Political reporter Bobby Caina Calvan details.


  • US general asks cut in nuclear stockpile: General Norton A. Schwartz, the chief of the Air Force, says the backup arsenal is more than the nation needs and is steadily becoming more expensive to maintain and secure. Washington Bureau reporter Bryan Bender writes.



  •  The $600,000 budget thornThe discussion about one type of military vehicle, costing $600,000 each, shows all that is wrong about the way we think about, and talk about, security budgets. Globe Columnist Juliette Kayyem reports.