Hassan Launches Statewide TV Advertising on Education and Women’s Health Care

Hassan is the First Gubernatorial Candidate to Advertise on Broadcast and Cable

MANCHESTER – Building on her growing momentum, Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan will launch two television advertisements this week, focusing on her record on education and women’s health care. 

Hassan becomes the first gubernatorial candidate to advertise on broadcast and cable television. She was recently endorsed by former President Bill Clinton and over the weekend started her statewide Ice Cream Social Tour, with hundreds of voters turning out to see her.  

“These advertisements highlight the important stakes in this election, and the very different approach that Maggie Hassan offers as compared to the extreme agenda of Ovide Lamontagne, Kevin Smith and the current legislature,” said Matt Burgess, Hassan’s campaign manager.  “This advertising helps us expand our reach so more voters can get to know Maggie and her plans to move New Hampshire forward.”  

Those efforts to reach out to voters will continue with ice cream socials this week in in Manchester at the Puritan Backroom this Thursday August 9th and in Derry at the Marion Gerrish Community Center on Sunday August 12th, Burgess said.   For more dates please see maggiehassan.com/events.  

The Hassan campaign will begin airing two television ads titled “School” and “Forward” on WMUR and cable systems across the state on Tuesday.  The ads feature Hassan speaking directly to New Hampshire voters about her record on education, establishing statewide kindergarten and protecting women’s access to basic health care and birth control.  

Hassan has been a strong supporter of New Hampshire’s public schools and improving education for all children. As a State Senator and as Senate Majority Leader, Maggie Hassan helped passed laws that increased state funding for local schools, made kindergarten available to every child in New Hampshire, and cut the state’s high school dropout rate in half. Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith have a very different approach. As chairman of the board of education, Lamontagne blocked New Hampshire schools from receiving millions in federal funds and opposed public kindergarten. Both Lamontagne and Smith support a constitutional amendment that would allow the legislature to reduce funding for local schools and supported a new law that is diverting millions of taxpayer dollars from public to private schools. 

Hassan supports women’s health care and reproductive choice. As a State Senator, she worked to pass a law that made emergency contraception available without a prescription and opposed legislation that would have limited reproductive choice for women. Ovide Lamontagne supports a Human Life Amendment that would ban all abortions, even in the case of rape and incest, and would even make some forms of birth control and fertility treatments illegal. 

The media buy is approximately $70,000.   The ads are available at www.maggiehassan.com/tvads

“School” - LINK

Maggie Hassan:            My mom was a schoolteacher. My dad fought in World War II.  They told us you study hard and you stand up for what you believe in.  I’ll stand up to anyone who wants to cut education.  As a leader in the Senate, I passed laws to lower dropout rates and to establish statewide kindergarten.  As your Governor, I’ll stand up for what matters to your family, because it matters to my family too.

“Forward” - LINK

Maggie Hassan:            When extremists in the legislature tried to deny women’s access for basic health care and allow insurance plans to drop coverage for birth control, I stood up to them.  As a leader in the Senate, I passed new laws to protect women’s access to health care birth control.  As Governor, I won’t let anyone take away a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.  I’m Maggie Hassan and that’s where I stand.