Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Hassan Not Resonating With Voters’ Desire for Fiscal Responsibility

CONCORD, N.H.—On her first attempt to discuss real issues following her incendiary partisan attacks calling for violence against Republicans, New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan chose to release a divisive TV ad today about how she wants to force taxpayers to fund abortions and birth control against their will.

“Maggie Hassan is simply unwilling to address issues important to the majority of voters who just want an efficient and affordable state government that doesn’t kill jobs by overtaxing and overregulating their businesses and families,” said Andrew Hemingway, chairman of 4RG. “I’m not sure who gave Maggie the idea that New Hampshire citizens care about her special interest donors and their divisive issues, but I have a little advise to share with the former Senate Majority Leader: Voters are not clamoring for increases in spending for government services they can’t afford.

“The people have had a taste of responsible governing from Speaker O’Brien and like-minded legislators, and they expect their next governor to continue living under the stability that such fiscal restraint brings about,” Hemingway added. ”New Hampshire citizens certainly aren’t looking to relinquish any more of their hard-earned money so Maggie Hassan can go on another irresponsible spending spree.”

On the stump, Maggie continues to talk about the kindergarten plan she passed while in the Senate that led to the largest spending increase in state history and left local communities scrambling for every nickel they could find. Not satisfied with the hardship caused by her plan, she talks about eliminating the tax cuts Republicans passed and adding another $1.2 billion in new spending. 

“Even the most liberal revenue projections leave Maggie’s spending plan about $1.1 billion short,” Hemingway said. “This isn’t a simple rounding error on her part. She is deliberately misleading voters.”

To give voters a true sense of her plan for the governor’s office, Hemingway is calling for the former senator to explain how she intends to pay for Maggie’s Billion Dollar Taxpayer Funded Spending Spree.

“If Maggie’s spending plans will require another income tax on small businesses or a broad-based sales tax, she should just be honest about it,” Hemingway said. “Clearly, Maggie has her priorities mixed up and she doesn’t want to admit there’s just no money in our slowly recovering economy to pay for much of what she wants to do.”

Thankfully, voters have a choice this coming November. Maggie’s opponents, Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith want to maintain the fiscal responsibility in government that will eventually lead to a prosperous New Hampshire.

“There’s no need for the government to get involved with most of the social issues that Maggie wants to talk about,” Hemingway said. “By making her first priority a TV ad that explains her desire to force people to pay for other women’s contraceptives or abortions, Maggie has shown how out of touch with reality she really is. It’s time for Maggie to start talking about the issues that really matter to voters, and if she can’t do that, she should really consider my earlier advice to drop out of the race or fire her incompetent staff.”


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