Carol Shea-Porter - Frank Guinta Hiding from Republican Women

New Hampshire Congressman Frank Guinta is now hiding from his own party.  Apparently, the Congressman does not plan to attend a forum held by the Seacoast Republican Women. The list of people he won't talk to about his awful record is growing longer by the day.

Naomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Candidate Carol Shea-Porter, released the following statement:

"Congressman Guinta is pretending on robocalls to voters that he is not the incumbent. However, since the Seacoast Republican Women didn't fall for that line and invited him to a forum with his Republican primary opponent, Congressman Guinta decided on his fall-back position—stand them up. Congressman Guinta would have to explain his record of voting against Meals On Wheels, against Medicare, against women, against homeless veterans, against children, against job creation, etc. No wonder Congressman Guinta is against going to talk to the Republican women.