Thibodeau For Executive Council (EC-1) - They Recommended Jerry....

CONCORD – On Tuesday, Aug. 7, the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire named Jerry Thibodeau as the person they were endorsing in the race to fill Executive Council District 1 seat.

Thibodeau, who is running against 34-year incumbent Ray Burton, is a charismatic, successful New Hampshire businessman who has worked hard to promote – and to raise money for – Republican candidates for office who share his long-standing commitment to small and affordable government.

Thibodeau notes that Burton has consistently supported frivolous and unnecessary public-works projects, while calling for higher road tolls and a higher gas tax.  Burton has also voted to confirm the nomination of an anti-gun activist to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, and to continue funding Planned Parenthood even after he was made aware that the organization was under congressional investigation for the misappropriation of funds.

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