CEI Weekly: CEI's Tech Policy Work Educates and Influences

Friday, August 31, 2012



Feature: The Republican Party platform now includes positions on Internet freedom long held by CEI and other free-market organizations.

FEATURE: CEI's Tech Policy Work Educates and Influences


As the Republican Party finalized their platform for week's convention, several news articles took note of a new Republican dedication to protecting Internet freedom. In the articles below, CEI and other free market organizations were credited with succesfully raising awareness about policies and legislation that threaten to harm innovation, competition, and free speech on the web.


Variety: Tech Issues Infuse RNC and DNC Platforms

Daily Caller (also posted on Drudge): GOP Platform Includes Internet Freedom Language

Human Events: Internet Freedom Enters the Final Draft of the GOP Platform





Is Mortgage Tax Break Dead?

John Berlau's interview on CNBC


Penn State Climate Scientist Michael Mann Demands Apology From CEI

CEI's press release


Congress Should Create a Repeal Committee

Ryan Young & David Deerson's op-ed in Real Clear Policy


EU Socialists Less Socialist Than the American Left?

Iain Murray's post in National Review's The Corner


Green Calls for BPA Bans Are Dangerous

Angela Logomasini's op-ed in Real Clear Policy


Mass. Biotech Reaps Monsanto Deal

Greg Conko's citation in The Boston Herald


Obama's Stealth Killer Car Tax

Sam Kazman's citation in The New York Post


Romney Energy Plan Makes Bold Contrast From Obama

Myron Ebell's citation in Human Events


Paul Ryan and the Libertarians: It's Complicated

CEI's citation in Yahoo News

















August 30, 2012: Delayed FDA Rules Should Be Scrapped


Major forthcoming rules from a variety of agencies have been delayed until after the November elections, possibly for political reasons. Among them are FDA food safety regulations with a $1.4 billion annual price tag. Senior Fellow Greg Conko argues that these rules should be scrapped altogether for two reasons: they will do little to improve food safety, and they will give large food corporations an unfair competitive advantage over smaller producers.