Josiah Bartlett Center - Political Conventions, Bond Bank Downgrade and Talking Points

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Political party conventions are giant taxpayer funded parties that have outlived their usefulness and should be eliminated. That Congress routinely votes to spend ten of millions of dollars on themselves is a sign of their own immaturity and helps explain the fiscal problem we have and they can’t seem to fix... Click here to keep reading

The Disappearing Deficit?

Looking at the Latest Election Year Talking Point

Grant Bosse and Paul Westcott discuss the new talking point that the Republican Legislature didn’t actually fix the state’s $900 million deficit, because the deficit allegedly never existed. Click here to listen.

JBC Report

Taxpayer Funded Conventions

Jack Heath asks Charlie Arlinghaus about his Union Leader column calling for an end to taxpayer funded subsidies of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Click here to keep reading.

Fitch Downgrades Municipal Bond Bank

Downgrade Explained

Fitch Rating has downgraded the bond rating for the New Hampshire Municipal Bond Bank from AA to AA-, but New Hampshire’s Treasurer says it’s not reason to worry about the credit worthiness of New Hampshire cities and towns.  Click here to keep reading.