Representative Frank Guinta Honored for Service to Seniors


RetireSafe Presents summer 2012 “Standing Up for America’s Seniors” Award

Manchester, N.H. — Today RetireSafe, representing more than 400,000 seniors nationwide, and joined by local senior advocates, honored Representative Guinta for his efforts to protect the health benefits and security of New Hampshire seniors.

Jonathan McCoy, CEO of Sanctuary Care at Rye, an assisted living facility for people with memory loss, Dr. Sean Hunt member of the Board of Directors of Darrmouth-Hichcock Medical Center in Manchester, John Poirier, President of New Hampshire Health Care Association and Richard Weiss a RetireSafe board member presented the RetireSafe “Standing Up For America’s Seniors” Award commemorative plaque at the Congressman’s Manchester District Office, recognizing Gunita’s accomplishments and service to older Americans.

A bipartisan group of Members of Congress are being recognized by RetireSafe in their home districts throughout the August recess. These members have acted to protect seniors’ health care benefits, by ensuring access to affordable medications through Medicare Part D, opposing any laws or regulations that threaten the doctor/patient relationship and speaking out against proposals that threaten to limit access to health care and increase Medicare premiums.

“America’s seniors continue to count on those in Washington who are willing to put politics aside and fight for the benefits they have earned,” said RetireSafe President Thair Phillips. “The benefits and rights of seniors are under attack and seniors need champions in Washington to preserve the benefits that many seniors depend on,” he continued. “RetireSafe is pleased to be able to recognize these Members of Congress, some of them for the second time in a row, for their tireless work in protecting Medicare and supporting seniors both in Washington and locally,” he concluded.

RetireSafe is a nonprofit, nonpartisan grassroots organization that advocates and educates on behalf of America’s seniors on issues regarding Social Security, Medicare, health and financial well-being.