U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta receives "Standing Up For America's Seniors" award

“Granite State seniors can always count on me to be in their corner.

(WASHINGTON – August 31, 2012)    Representative Frank Guinta (R, NH-01) was recognized Friday for his support of Granite State seniors.  He was given the “Standing Up For America’s Seniors” award.  It was presented by RetireSafe, a nonpartisan, non-profit group representing more than 400,000 seniors nationwide.  It advocates on behalf of America’s seniors on issues regarding Social Security, Medicare, health and financial well-being.

Representative Guinta is among several Members of Congress in both parties being honored by the group.  He received a special plaque during a presentation at his District Office in Manchester on Friday morning.   It was presented by Jonathan McCoy, CEO of Sanctuary Care at Rye, an assisted living facility for people with memory loss; Dr. Sean Hunt, member of the Board of Directors of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Manchester; Joanne Ward, a registered dietitian who works with seniors from Stratham; and Richard Weiss, a RetireSafe board member.  

Representative Guinta said:

“Granite State seniors can always count on me to be in their corner.  I will make sure there will be no changes to Medicare for anyone who is currently receiving benefits, or for those who are nearing retirement age.  The same is true for Social Security.  I am committed to making sure these two programs, which are so important to so many Granite State seniors, are safeguarded and protected so future generations will be able to rely on them.”