Bass For Congress - Fighting for New Hampshire

Dear Friends,
Thank You! It is an honor to once again have the opportunity to be the Republican Nominee for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District.
With the Primary behind us, we move into the General Election. I am excited to be running on a unified ticket that is ready to win this November, but it will take hard work to achieve our goals. With your contribution of $10, $25, $50 or more, we will have the resources we need to win in November.
Our opponent, Ann Kuster, already has her liberal special interest groups, SuperPACs, and Washington Democrat party leaders trying to prop her up and attack me with distortions and lies. They will say and do anything to distract voters from focusing on our nation's poor economy, increasing debt, failed stimulus bills and the fact that we are in the worst economic recovery in our nation's history because they have no successes to point to. It will be our job to set the record straight.
I have worked hard to represent the Second District in a bi-partisan manner with a focus on solving the nation's most complicated problems. Ann Kuster has already aligned herself with the Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi progressive wing of the Democrat party and is willing to put partisanship before progress. Her policies and positions that include supporting a state income tax are not aligned with the "Frugal Yankee" values of the vast majority of New Hampshire voters.
I am committed to fighting for New Hampshire and moving our country forward by working across the political spectrum and finding real solutions to the challenges we face.