RGA New Hampshire Ad: Maggie Means Taxes

The Republican Governors Association launched its first television advertisement in the New Hampshire governor’s race today highlighting former state Senator Maggie Hassan’s support for higher taxes when she was Majority Leader in the New Hampshire state senate.

The ad can be viewed at www.HassanTaxHikes.com.

“The last time Maggie Hassan held political power in New Hampshire, she worked to increase taxes and fees by more than $300 million, and voters responded by removing her from office,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “Maggie Hassan’s tax-hiking record reveals more about the policies she’d pursue as governor than her election-year rhetoric. Thirty-three tax and fee increases make clear that Maggie Hassan believes in high taxes.”


Two years ago, voters rejected Maggie Hassan’s tax record – voting her out of office.

As Senate Majority Leader, Hassan pushed a budget with over $300 million dollars in higher taxes and fees.

Thirty-three tax and fee increases.

‘A controversial new tax’ on small businesses.

Higher taxes on rooms and meals.

Increased fees for vehicle registration.

Even a new tax on camping.

Maggie Hassan believes in high taxes.

New Hampshire doesn’t.