RNC Releases New video on Romney Victory ground game

We have a new video highlighting our ground game after contacting our 20 millionth voter last weekend, surpassing our entire voter contact total from 2008 and showing we are going toe-to-toe with Obama on the ground.


See the new video “It’s Our Time:” http://bit.ly/U7qx8S  


Romney Victory:

  • Crossed the 20 million volunteer voter contact threshold
  • Surpassed 2008 volunteer voter contact totals
  • Knocked on 16 times more doors and made eight times more phone calls than at this point in 2008
  • Knocked more doors this week than in any week during the ’08 campaign

RNC Releases Video "It's Our Time"


WASHINGTON, DC- The Republican National Committee releases "It's Our Time" after another successful 'Super Saturday' Get Out The Vote grassroots day in battleground states across the country. Over 55,000 volunteers have helped our team reach 20 million voters by making millions of phone calls and knocking on 2.5 million doors. Our success on the ground is a reflection of the dedication of our volunteers, and the realization that our country needs to change direction because we are not better off under President Obama. In fact, due to the overwhelming support, our team has already surpassed the total number of voter contacts we made in 2008, knocking on 16 times more doors and making eight times more phone calls than at this point four years ago.

Web video can be viewed here.

Web video can be downloaded here.

"Our grassroots volunteers are showing that they are ready to defeat this president and elect the Romney-Ryan ticket this fall," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "We see their dedication and commitment to restoring the American dream every day in Victory Centers across the country. Because of the hard work of our volunteers, we've contacted our 20 millionth voter and surpassed our total number of voter contacts from 2008.

"We have a top-notch ground operation that is going toe-to-toe with President Obama every day. Thanks to our volunteers, we're well on our way to victory this fall."