Tierney Excited over Democrats Choice of Van Ostern

Michael J. Tierney, the Republican candidate for Executive Council, District 2, expressed his excitement that the Democrats selected extreme liberal Colin Van Ostern as their candidate to run against him in November. Although District 2 could be a difficult district for a Republican to win against a moderate Democrat, it will be a lot easier to win against an extreme liberal like Mr. Van Ostern.

Instead of choosing former councilor John Shea, they have chosen a man who apparently does not understand that the role of the Executive Council is to serve as a check on executive power and prevent excessive regulation and wasteful spending. Mr. Van Ostern has a history of support for imposing an income tax and a sales tax on the people of New Hampshire1 and intends to advocate for spending as if these additional taxes already exist.

Mr. Van Ostern has stated that he got into the race in order to provide government subsidies to six New Hampshire abortion clinics so that teenagers could be provided with over-priced birth control pills regardless of the fact that Walmart sells the pill cheaper.

Mr. Tierney, on the other hand, got into this race to serve as a check on the governor and make sure the state efficiently and effectively spends its limited resources. Jobs are created not by increasing the size of the government bureaucracy as Mr. Van Ostern advocates, but by limiting the size and regulatory scope of government. Mr. Tierney has pledged not to support any new taxes and as Executive Councilor will not approve any spending that would necessitate new taxes.

Michael Tierney for Executive Council