Bass For Congress - The Real Choice between Charlie Bass and Annie Kuster

Bass offers bipartisan solutions while Kuster pushes partisan, big-government approach

Concord, NH – Congressman Charlie Bass today outlined the choice between his candidacy and Democrat Annie Kuster’s in New Hampshire’s 2nd District race for Congress.   Bass said this election is a, “referendum on the ‘big-government-solves-all’ agenda of Annie Kuster and Barack Obama.”

Bass said this race is much more than just “déjà-vu” or a “rematch” from 2010.  “Time has passed and our country’s economic situation has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. The economic agenda pushed by Barack Obama and wholeheartedly supported by Annie Kuster, has placed America on the edge of the fiscal cliff,” said Bass.  “Forty-three consecutive months of unemployment over 8 percent tells us very clearly that the Obama-Kuster plan to spend our way out of the recession is failing.  A $16 trillion debt, with $5 trillion added under the current administration, is a very strong signal that we are moving in the wrong direction.”

Bass added, “The only way to move out of the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression is with bipartisan solutions – not the super-partisan approach of Annie Kuster.”

Kuster has been Barack Obama’s biggest supporter in New Hampshire, supporting his failed Stimulus spending plans and the government takeover of health care, even stating that it “doesn’t go far enough.” Alternatively, Charlie Bass has offered bipartisan solutions on reducing government barriers and supporting polices that foster entrepreneurship and small business growth.  Bass was 1 of only 4 Republicans to co-sponsor a bipartisan budget that was based on the principles of the Simpson-Bowles Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Commission.

Bass noted that his long record as a bipartisan, independent leader cannot be credibly challenged by Kuster.  “I am a candidate and member of Congress who has been consistently willing to work across the aisle, and to exercise independence on the issues, such as reproductive choice, the environment and other issues that are not insignificant to this nation. When I agree with the Republican position I support it, but when I think that the interest of the Nation and New Hampshire is different, I vote differently and I think that is the caliber of leadership that we need in the next Congress.”

The Choice for Congress in NH’s 2nd District


Charlie Bass 

Annie Kuster 

An Independent, Bipartisan Leader for New Hampshire


-          Cosponsored the bipartisan budget alternative endorsed by Simpson-Bowles, one of the “Brave 38” to vote for it – USA Today, April 3, 2012


-          Fought efforts to delay important clean air protections to protect New Hampshire  – H.R. 2401


-          Leading advocate for a bipartisan reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and lead Republican cosponsor of the bipartisan Violence Against Women Health Initiative Act - H.R. 1578


-          1 of only 16 Republicans to support bringing troops home from Afghanistan - HAMDT 330


-          Awarded for his bipartisan leadership for helping author the Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act - H.R. 3067


A Fiercely Partisan, Left-wing Activist


-          Fought for a NH income tax – 1999 board director of pro-income tax PAC


-          A “Bold Progressive” who promises to “Occupy Congress”  - July 18, 2012 – PCCC website


-          Katrina Swett said, "Annie, you have cast yourself as the very, very progressive candidate and have been warmly supported by the far-left progressive movement" – Sept. 8, 2010 St. Anselm College debate


-          Supported by the extreme, partisan left:  Howard Dean’s DFA, PCCC,, Daily Kos, and ActBlue  


On Jobs/Economy, Charlie believes in reducing government barriers, supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses


-          Opposed president’s healthcare law that raises costs on small businesses and taxes medical device makers, impacting 3,700 NH jobs.


-          Opposed Stimulus spending that wasted millions and did not stimulate private sector job growth.


-          Supports job creation through comprehensive tax reform to create a simpler and fairer tax code - H.Admt.100

-          Supports boosting American manufacturing competitiveness and encouraging entrepreneurship and growth.

                   Roll Call - Schiff and Bass: Intensify Efforts to Win Global War for Talent –

                   March 8, 2012


On Jobs/Economy, Annie Kuster believes in big government spending programs, job-killing mandates/regulations, higher taxes


-          Said Obama’s health care law didn’t go far enough – “Kuster said one of her first orders of business would be to get a public health care option.” (AP, 8/25/2010)

-          Supports failed stimulus packages – “The Stimulus was needed, but it wasn’t enough.” – Kuster, Aug. 28, 2010, Monadnock Debates


-          Supports raising taxes on NH small businesses, costing 3,400 New Hampshire jobs. – Ernst & Young – July 12, 2012


-          Supports Obama’s economic agenda that has led to 43 months of unemployment over 8% and added $5.5 trillion to the national debt.