NHDP - New Video: What's In a Name? A Dangerous Plan

NHDP Responds to Ovide's Web Ad

Ovide Lamontagne's name may sound funny to some people, but his plan for New Hampshire is out-of-touch and dangerous.


CONCORD - The New Hampshire Democratic Party released a new web video today, in response to a video released this morning by Ovide's campaign, highlighting Ovide Lamontagne's out-of-touch and dangerous plan for New Hampshire.
"Ovide's video poked fun at his name, but there is nothing funny about what he would do if elected Governor in November," said Raymond Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.
 "Lamontagne is Outdated: with plans to repeal an 1877 amendment to the New Hampshire constitution banning state money from religious schools; Vexing: like his statements that school tuition is "not the utmost concern" to him; he is Indifferent to seniors, calling a state takeover of Medicare one of his top priorities if elected Governor;  he is Draconian, like the cuts to education that Speaker Bill O'Brien and the Republican Legislature passed; and he is Extreme, like supporting a constitutional amendment to make all abortion a crime even in the case of rape and incest."
Watch the new web video HERE.