RLCNH Celebrates Extensive Primary Election Successes

Caucus Advances 86 Percent of Its Primary Candidates Who Will Work to Restore Liberty and Prosperity in N.H.

CONCORD, N.H.―According to preliminary primary election results, the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire is excited to announce that 124 of its 145 endorsed or recommended candidates for state offices, or 86 percent, were nominated as Republican candidates and will appear on their respective general election ballots on Nov. 6. These results are essentially equivalent with the 88 percent success rate from the 2010 primary.

Of the 83 endorsed or recommended candidates in contested races, 62 of them, or 75 percent, earned the support of voters in their districts. Again, these numbers are nearly equivalent with the 79 percent success rate from 2010.

“As an organization that is trying to push the envelope in the Republican Party to bring liberty and prosperity to New Hampshire by electing liberty-minded, conservative legislators, these consistent results indicate that our efforts so far have been successful,” said Carolyn McKinney, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire. 

Of the total 124 candidates who will move forward after Tuesday’s primary, 116 are candidates for state representative, six are candidates for state senator and two are candidates for executive councilor. 

“These election results clearly show that Republicans in New Hampshire want a party and a government that represents the nation’s founding principles of limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility and free enterprise,” McKinney said. “I’m confident that New Hampshire voters as a whole want to advance these same ideals, because most people know that individual freedom and free markets led to our state and nation’s early success, and once we reinstall these principles by restoring a leaner, more affordable government, the state and nation will prosper once more.” 

Of further note from Tuesday’s primary election, 26 of the 32 candidates RLCNH actively supported heading into the primary, or 81 percent, advanced to their general election contest. These are the candidates who received financial assistance, Web site development, dedicated election-day volunteers or other active support in their campaigns. Additionally, 97 of the 113 candidates the RLCNH endorsed made it past the primary. This is also an 86 percent success rate.

Even more impressive, the RLCNH was able to knock out at least half of the six big-government Republicans that it targeted for defeat in their primaries: RLCNH-endorsed Cliff Newton knocked out Julie Brown in Strafford 23, RLCNH-endorsed Jane Cormier defeated Peter Bolster in Belknap 8 and RLCNH-recommended Leon Rideout topped Bill Remick in Coos 7. A fourth race between Joanne Ward and big-government Republican Tim Copeland in Rockingham 19 is still being contested. 

“People have lost trust in politicians because of people like the six incumbents we targeted, who misrepresent themselves as Republicans and actively work against Republican campaign rhetoric once they get into office,” McKinney said. “The elimination of just one of these turncoats is a victory for the people of their district, the state as a whole and the Republican Party, and we’re elated we were able to defeat three of them.”

To educate voters leading up to the primary election, the RLCNH released its 2012 RLCNH Voter Guide, which identified the 145 endorsed or recommended Republicans who made it through a vigorous reputation-screening process run by the RLCNH Endorsements Committee. The committee confirmed that these candidates would likely advance RLCNH’s Liberty and Prosperity for New Hampshire agenda upon their election to office. The committee’s endorsements and recommendations were then confirmed by the RLCNH Board of Directors.  

Endorsed Republicans earned a score of 85 percent or higher on the 2012 RLCNH Legislative Scorecard if they were incumbents, or they scored an 85 percent or higher on the 2012 RLCNH Candidate Survey if they were first-time candidates. They were also rated on their overall understanding of liberty. A recommended candidate earned this lower standard for scoring at least 80 percent on the scorecard or survey and generally supporting the RLCNH’s Liberty and Prosperity for New Hampshire agenda. 

“We will continue to support the 124 endorsed or recommended candidates who have advanced past their primary to ensure their election in November,” McKinney said. “We expect the group that makes it into office to lead New Hampshire back to its roots, which will ensure liberty and prosperity for the most people.”