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The Bass Report
Dear Friends,


Thank you for all your hard work leading to our Primary victory on Tuesday. Many of you have given our campaign your time and support and we are very grateful for it. With your continued support, we will win again in November. With only 53 days left until the general election, now is the time to go door-to-door, make phone calls, put out signs and help in any other way you can. This election presents a clear choice between the 'big-government-solves-all' agenda of Annie Kuster and my bipartisan record. Yesterday, I outlined the choice you have in this election and would like to share it with you. Please click here to check it out.


The choice is clear. A vote for my opponent will only lead to increased partisan gridlock. A vote for me is a vote for real solutions to our nations biggest problems. Join me and let's get our country back on track!

On the Trail...


Charlie will be participating in the Business and Industry Association Debate on Tuesday morning at St. Anselm College in Manchester. Team Bass will be holding a rally to show our support and we hope you can join us! For details please or call 603.226.6000.


Join Team Bass marching in the Hollis Parade Saturday! We will be lining up at 9:30 am at 25 Main Street in Hollis and look forward to seeing you there!


From the Papers...


This week, Charlie joined the rest of New Hampshire's congressional delegation at BAE in Nashua for a rally against sequestration; the automatic spending cuts that will take affect at the end of the year if s debt reduction deal is not reached.


"[Sequestration] would be disruptive," added Bass. "It would be counterproductive to American security, and it would be so unnecessary because we know in the end that America cannot survive with a gutted defense."


Check out the rest of what the Nashua Telegraph had to say about the event here.


Union Leader: Letter to the Editor: A vote for Charlie Bass is a vote for compromise.


To the Editor: Our working families need to balance their budgets. The federal government should, too. Three years and counting without one - that's not responsible governing. Washington and the Democratic leadership down there are setting a poor example for present and future generations. The Congress develops a responsible budget, and the Senate, led by Harry Reid, stops it from proceeding, resulting in gridlock.


Charlie Bass has attempted to bring New Hampshire common sense to the Washington establishment, calling on bipartisan reductions in spending. To him, compromise is not a dirty word. 


The following is from a news release he issued Aug. 2, 2012: "All of the great decisions that have been made in American history have been made by people who have great principle but are willing to compromise," said U.S. Rep.Bass. "Compromise is not a capitulation of principle - it's getting the nation's business done. Right now, America is calling out for us to get beyond the fights of our own parties and start talking about real solutions to avoid the fiscal cliff."


I'm proud of our Congressman Charlie Bass. Join me in voting for him this November.





If you'd like to write a letter to the editor in support of Congressman Bass and would like our assistance with how best to submit it, please email or call us at 603.226.6000.


Volunteer of the Week...


Meet Eric! Eric is from Sunapee and is currently a student at St. Anselm College studying international relations. Eric has joined our team for many parades as well as using his computer skills to help us with data management. We thank Eric for all of his help and are proud to name him as our Volunteer of the Week!