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What you think you know is often wrong. We are bombarded in election season with facts that are not facts and conclusions that are so convenient to our worldview that checking them against the facts would be inconvenient.

More important to most people is starting with the conclusion we have and then accepting the theory that confirms what we already believe. After all, if it agrees with me it must be true because I can’t possibly be wrong.... Click here to keep reading

Latest RGGI Auction

No Signs of Life

For the ninth consecutive time, the price for carbon allowances under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative failed to rise above the floor price. The 17th Quarterly Auction held by the nine-state emissions compact generated nearly $47.5 million, but over a third of the allowances went unsold as demand has remained weak for well over two years. Click here to keep reading.
JBC Report

Top Issues of 2012

Grant Bosse and Jack Heath discuss Primary turnout, and the top issues of 2012 as Maggie Hassan and Ovide Lamontagne win their parties’ nominations for Governor. Click here to keep reading.

August Unemployment Report

Rate Drops to 8.1%, but Data Tells a Different Story

While unemployment rate dropped, the underlying data indicates that it was not due to more people being employed, but rather discouraged workers dropping out of the labor force and thus not being counted in the official rate. Click here to keep reading.