Congressman Guinta Votes for Tea-Party Extremist Allen West’s Bill

New Hampshire – Yesterday, Congressman Guinta voted to pass Allen West’s National Security and Jobs Protection Act, HR 6365.  Tea Party Congressman West’s bill stops sequestration’s defense cuts, and pays for this by slashing domestic programs, including Medicare.  Congressman Guinta was for sequestration before he was against it.

“Congressman Guinta already voted to kill over 6,000 New Hampshire jobs by passing sequestration, and now he’s frantically backtracking in a desperate attempt to rewrite history,” said Congresswoman Shea-Porter.  “New Hampshire voters can see though Congressman Guinta’s hypocrisy though, and in November, they will hold him accountable for bringing America to the edge of the fiscal cliff.”

Instead of asking multi-millionaires to pay their fair share, Congressman Guinta held the country hostage during the tea party created debt ceiling debate, and voted for the Budget Control Act that killed New Hampshire jobs.  Now, Frank has flip-flopped, but the damage has already been done.   He even admitted that his vote for sequestration could put the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at risk for closure, which would result in even more catastrophic job losses.  New Hampshire’s workers and middle class families deserve a better representative in Congress.



  • ·         H.R. 6365 does not require the elimination of across-the-board cuts to mandatory domestic programs, including Medicare.  [Office of Management and Budget, 9/12/12]
  • ·         Frank Guinta was introduced on the House Floor by Paul Ryan to speak in favor of the Budget Control Act.  [YouTube, 7/28/11]
  • ·         According to a recent study by George Mason University, New Hampshire could lose approximately 6,306 jobs and $323 million in income for state residents if the sequestration cuts take effect in January. [George Mason University, 7/17/12]
  • ·         $500 billion in defense cuts will begin to take effect on January 2, 2012, due to sequestration.  Thirteen leading defense companies have said that layoffs are certain, and the impact on down-stream part suppliers and small business will be catastrophic. [Politico, 9/9/12]
  • ·         Frank Guinta admitted in a radio interview that his vote for sequestration put the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at risk for closure [WGBH, 4/30/12].
  • ·         After voting for sequestration, Frank Guinta appeared at a recent BAE rally in New Hampshire to oppose it.  [Nashua Telegraph, 9/11/12]
  • ·         In 2011, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard employed 5,187 civilian workers, many of whom live in New Hampshire, with a total payroll of $408 million. [Seacoast Online, 2/25/12]
  • ·         A 2005 study by New Hampshire Employment Security found that the secondary effects of the Shipyard being closed would result in an additional 1,219 lost jobs due to reduced expenditures on local goods and services. [New Hampshire Employment Security, April 2005]