NHDP - Sign or Veto? Ovide Signed Cornerstone's Pledge, Where Does He Stand on Its Extreme, Out-of-Touch Agenda?

CONCORD -  Ovide Lamontagne has signed Cornerstone's pledge. Will he sign the bills in its extreme agenda, which includes repealing marriage equality; forcing doctors to lie to women seeking abortions; and allowing businesses to discriminate against certain customers?


The 26-item Cornerstone Agenda includes 10 proposed pieces of legislation aimed at restricting women's access to abortion and birth control; one repealing marriage equality in New Hampshire; and one allowing businesses to discriminate against customers based on the religious beliefs of the business owners. The agenda also calls for the end of no-fault divorce for couples with children; rejecting a bipartisan multi-state effort to toughen school standards; and voiding certain portions of a contracts negotiated between employers and employees.


"Ovide Lamontagne has signed a pledge endorsing Cornerstone's agenda. The people of New Hampshire deserve to know what that means. Ovide Lamontagne should tell us now whether as Governor he would sign the bills in Cornestone's extreme and outdated social agenda," said Raymond Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


"Cornerstone wants to pass a law that would allow a business owner to discriminate against any potential customer if the owner says it would violate his or her religious beliefs to serve them. This law would let a restaurant owner refuse to serve an African American or a gay American for religious reasons. Would Ovide sign that? " Buckley asked. "Would Ovide sign a law making it more expensive, time consuming and traumatic for couples to divorce? Would Ovide sign laws limiting access to abortion and birth control?"