Political Headlines - September 19, 2012

Here are the top POLITICAL headlines from today: 


  • Romney holds to views on aid, tries to quiet uproar: As the full 49-minute video from a private May fund-raiser emerged online, Mitt Romney was also seen telling donors that the Palestinians have no interest in establishing peace with Israel. Globe politics reporter Matt Viser writes.


  • '60 tape reveals an uncertain John F. Kennedy: Three days after he declared his candidacy for the presidency, the man who would leave a near-mythical imprint on America's political identity seemed decidedly unsure of his own. Washington Bureau reporter Bryan Bender explains.


  • Scott Brown beyond the camera, lights: The senator's "On the Road" tour apparently doesn't go through Raynham, where he failed to attend any of the three dedication ceremonies for fallen Medal of Honor recipient Jared Monti. Globe columnist Brian McGrory details.   


  • Fallacies mark Romney's depiction of the 47%: Mitt Romney painted an inaccurate portrait of the "47 percent of Americans [who] pay no income tax" when he spoke - and was secretly videotaped - at a May fund-raiser. Globe correspondent Callum Borchers reports.



  • Drug lab crisis may follow Governor Patrick : The state drug-testing crisis could taint the national image of Governor Patrick, which was elevated at the Democratic National Convention. State House bureau reporter Michael Levenson covers.