CEI Today: EPA haze rule, the so-called Economic Development Administration, and animal biotechnology



Globalwarming.org: EPA Puts a Price on Nothingness in Montana: $82 Million


Today, the Environmental Protection Agency imposed on Montana a Federal Implementation Plan under the Regional Haze Rule that will cost scores of millions of dollars, but achieve no discernible purpose.

Specifically, EPA is requiring $82 million in unnecessary capital expenditures at the Colstrip coal-fired power plant located east of Billings, Montana, in order to engender an ‘improvement’ in visibility that is imperceptible to the eye. 

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> Interview William Yeatman



CEI.org: New Study Makes Case Against Economic Development Administration


It is the mission of the Economic Development Administration (EDA) “to lead the federal economic development agenda by promoting innovation and competitiveness” through community investments. But a new study by the Competitive Enterprise Institute reveals the EDA has incentivized economic waste, over-taxation, and the misallocation of valuable resources.

In “The Case for Abolishing the Economic Development Administration,” CEI Policy Analyst David Bier argues the EDA is valuable essentially only as a prop for politicians, who tout EDA grants as major accomplishments when running for re-election. EDA delivers little benefit to average Americans--and indeed, many grants have actually harmed innovation and market competition.

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Animal Biotechnology: From Frankenfish to Enviro-pig

Thursday, September 27, 2012
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Room 1300, Longworth House Office Building


Despite their potential environmental and consumer benefits, products that can be demonized as FrankenFish or EnviroPig are being delayed by regulatory intransigence, public confusion, and political indecision. With no clear path forward, many products are now being sent overseas to countries with more responsive regulatory climates.





Author: Journalists 'Cover Energy And Environment Subjects As Liberal Activists,' E-Mails Show

Liberals claim to support transparency in government - until conservatives start finding shady things through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

New York Times bestselling author, litigator, and Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Chris Horner has been filing such FOIAs for years and has turned up Obama's "true plan" for cap-and-trade, a close relationship between an energy official and a Solyndra director - and more. Horner's quest for public information, labeled as "criminal" by one Obama agency head, will be detailed in his upcoming book, "The Liberal War on Transparency." > Read the CNSNews.com article by Julia Seymore


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