Guinta For Congress - 1st Debate: Shea-Porter goes negative; Guinta focuses on jobs

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On Shea-Porter’s debate performance: “Shea-Porter is not just extremely liberal. She is also extremely uninformed about basic economics.” – New Hampshire Union Leader 

Yesterday was the first debate of the 2012 General Election between Frank Guinta and former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter. It was at St. Anselm College and was hosted by the NH BIA, NHPR, NHPTV, and the Union Leader. In case you missed it, while Frank Guinta focused on jobs, the economy, and solutions for America, Carol Shea-Porter continually resorted to personal attacks and rarely discussed her own positions on the important issues facing Granite State small business owners.

This morning, the New Hampshire Union Leader editorialized about Carol Shea-Porter’s performance in saying,
“Shea-Porter is not just extremely liberal. She is also extremely uninformed about basic economics.” - New Hampshire Union Leader.

Reporters, members of the media, and small business owners in the audience had much to say about the former Congresswoman’s actions during the debate, commenting on the tone the former Congresswoman brought to it: 

"Ground rules for 1st district congressional debate: no attacks. Shea-Porter’s first words: attacking Guinta…” -
Drew Cline, New Hampshire Union Leader, on Twitter

“Though she kept that answer brief, she spent much of the rest of the time interjecting during Guinta’s answers and talking over the forum’s moderator.”-
Holly Ramer, New Hampshire Associated Press

“Shea-Porter goes on the attack in first post-primary debate with Guinta”
Jake Berry, Nashua Telegraph 

Dan Tuohy of
called the debate “…a free-wheeling affair.”

Laura Morgan, co-owner of Morgan Storage in Manchester is a small business owner who was in the audience for the debate. She said,
“I appreciated the fact that Frank Guinta didn’t respond to the many negative attacks Carol Shea-Porter said this morning. While he talked about the issues, Shea-Porter didn’t mention her record or what she would do for my small business.” 

It is unfortunate that rather than discussing the most important issues of jobs and the economy at a debate with Granite State small business owners, former Congresswoman Shea-Porter would rather resort to personal attacks than focus on solutions of how to move America forward.

New Hampshire voters want a representative who recognizes that getting Granite Staters back to work must be the main focus of this election, not a former Congresswoman who continually resorts to Washington blame games and partisan politics.

If you are like most Granite Staters who believe the economy and jobs are the most important issue in this election, please be sure to forward this email to your friends and family.
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Derek Dufresne
Spokesman, Guinta for Congress